Carillas de cerámica

Veneers are the most popular and fastest solution for a brighter, whiter smile. We use high tech ceramic veneers from german laboratories to ensure the highest quality possible.

Las carillas altamente estéticas


They can idealise the shape and position of your teeth and optimise their colour to a brightness that cannot be achieved only by bleaching. The dental industry is evolving fast; new and innovative techniques are constantly being developed. Rather than basing our services purely on price, Dr. Nadine Hotz selects and provides the most effective and long-lasting solutions. This is definitively the most economical long-term option.


Our german dentist Dr Hotz uses a special laser for the placement of the veneers. With the laser, it is unnecessary to reduce the tooth substance. The teeth can even be treated without anaesthetic injections. The result is higher stability and a long lasting result.

Carillas de cerámica de alta tecnología

For many people, the aesthetic component is the most important factor, next to functionality. This is where the high tech ceramic veneers excel when compared to other kinds of veneers. High tech ceramic veneers imitate the natural layers of the tooth, with its more and less translucent parts. Other veneers are cut from a ceramic block instead of being individually layered. They are only painted over and look artificial and yellow in comparison to high tech ceramic veneers. Treated with individually layered, high tech ceramic veneers, teeth appear in natural perfection and do not look covered or artificial.


Most people believe that Zirconium is the best material for veneers. Zirconium works very well for crowns in the functional area of the premolars and molars. However, in the region comprising the front teeth, emax ceramic looks considerably more natural and is more adapted to the needs of this area. In addition to ceramic veneers, patients can opt for the more economic ‘direct veneers’, which are made out of composite. This material tends to change colour to a more yellow aspect; water is absorbed and the material ages as the years go by. Likewise, they need to be changed after a few years. Our veneers maintain their colour and shape and stand the test of time.

Duración del tratamiento

High tech ceramic veneers can be placed in as little as two appointments. The treatment is swift and comfortable. During the first appointment, impressions and colour shades for the production of the veneers are taken. At the second appointment, the teeth get prepared with the laser and the veneers are placed individually.

Colocación ideal

To enable faster placement, very often veneers are placed at the same time using a template. The unwanted side effect is that the interdental spaces are completely filled up with the placement material, which makes cleaning your teeth at home almost impossible. The result is darkening of the interdental spaces over time, cavities, periodontal problems and plaque accumulation. With one-by-one placement, this problem can be completely avoided.


Doctor Nadine Hotz offers you a two-year guarantee on veneers. The same guarantee is given on all other prosthetic work, including crowns, bridges and prosthesis.

For further information about Veeners or to request an appointment please don’t hesitate to contactenos!

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