Baby Bottle Syndrome

Attention, the baby bottle may cause damage!

"Baby Bottle Syndrome" or "Early Childhood Caries" is the rapid decay of baby teeth in an infant or child due to frequent exposure to liquids containing sugars over a certain period of time.


Upper front teeth are affected most

Baby Bottle Syndrome. Upper front teeth are affected most. Dentist Marbella Dr Hotz.

The problem is usually caused by the infant falling asleep while having a bottle or while being breast fed.
While the child is asleep, the bacteria living in every baby’s mouth turns the sugars to acid which causes decay.

Common sources of liquids high in sugars are:

Baby Bottle Syndrome. Liquids high in sugars. Dentist Marbella Dr Hotz.
  • A bottle containing special baby milk or fruit juice.
  • A pacifier dipped in honey or sugar.
  • Breast milk
  • How can you help prevent your childrens teeth?

    Baby Bottle Syndrome. Prevent your childrens teeth. Dentist Marbella Dr Hotz.
  • Cleaning your child’s teeth daily, especially in the evenings before going to bed.
  • Not allowing your child to fall asleep with a bottle filled with juice or milk.
  • Giving your child plain water when it is thirsty.
  • Making regular dental appointments for your child beginning with the first teeth being visible.

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