Dental Implants prevent other teeth from being harmed.

Implants are like normal dental roots and they can help you have the smile you always wanted, even when you are missing your own teeth. Indeed, permanent dental implants are possible even if you no longer have your own teeth !

Implants are available for people of all ages and can be used for permanent bridges and crowns and to anchor prostheses and removable prostheses (telescopic prostheses).

Implants prevent other teeth from being harmed.

At our clinic, we also offer 3D implantology: a 3D X-ray of the patient’s jaw is transferred to computer software. This enables us to consider the nerves, other teeth or important anatomic structures at the implant planning stage. Subsequently, the positioning of the implant will be modelled.

The implants can thus be developed to precisely match their later function.

Patients with little bone mass often hear phrases like, “Implants are unfortunately out of the question for you”. With 3D implantology, every millimetre of bone can be used, so an implant with little bone structure is still possible. We use only products made by renowned manufacturers; we do not use low-cost implants!

The fear of implants is unfounded. An implant has – with professional positioning and correct and sterile operation – a success rate of over 98% in 10 years. The placement of an implant is often gentler than removing a tooth. For most patients, there is no need for pain killers. Using the 3D procedure, there is no need to remove any gum. And because the positioning has already been planned on the computer and transferred to an OP-mock up, the bone can be left untouched.

Our implantologist, Dr. Nadine Hotz, graduated in 2010 with a Master Of Science in Oral Implantology from the German Association for Implantology (DGI) and is, to this day, the youngest attendee. She has been specialising in implantology since 2006.

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